Secured Payroll Service

A payroll company needs to know by heart that they have a great responsibility in making sure that any data or information they get from creating payrolls are kept confidential and secured. It is the most important responsibility that they have and making sure about it can prove that they are a great payroll company. The different companies who outsource their payroll are entrusting a third party and that trust should not be wasted.

The trusted payroll outsourcing companies need to collect the personal information of the employees and the business in a secured manner. This is why most of them are very strict in exchange of documents through email. The data that is gathered would include the names of the employees, their social security numbers, bank accounts, retirement plans, child support orders, performance reviews, and other pertinent data that can all affect their payroll. When someone else with bad intentions get access to this information, they can steal the identity of the employees and use them for whatever they want.

Securing Electronic Information
The very first thing that needs to be secured is the way on how the payroll company gets the data. Simply using email to send your data to the payroll company will just make it easier for the hackers to get it. You must make sure that the line is secure. There are apps and softwares that can provide you with a portal to go so that you can securely send the information through email. There are also internet security protocols that are used to make sure that the confidential information are intact so that it cannot be accessed by others. Although some payroll companies keep the information stored in the cloud, they still make sure that they are secured.

Securing Paper Documents
Another way to give crucial information is through paper documents. Sometimes, the payroll companies may also need to print out the information you send them but they should make sure that the papers are all protected and are under surveillance all the time. Whenever the paper documents are not needed anymore, they should have a shredding device where every paper material goes through before it is to be disposed or recycled. This will help prevent others from sorting through the payroll company’s trash just to get the information that they need.

Employee Education About Security Measures
All of the employees of a said payroll company should also be instructed not to communicate to other parties about whatever information they know about their clients. They also shouldn’t converse with other unauthorized parties because they might just be fishing for passwords to gain access to the information or data of a certain company. This is one of the most common ways on how the data is leaked.

Keeping Funds Safe
The most important responsibility that they have is to keep the funds safe. Each of the funds that are collected are accounted for and kept safe. It is important the clients see where their money has gone or is going so that they can be confident enough to work with the payroll company again.